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BUCKPRO™ Bucking Improvement System

  • To help achieve the best performance many mills develop bucking rules for the cut-off saw operators. These rules are often in the form of a list, with the desired bucked lengths for different input lengths and diameters. Specification of these rules is a difficult exercise, as one tries to maximize value, recovery, and produce an acceptable product, particularly length, mix. BUCKPRO™ will help determine the optimum bucking "policy", or rules, for the mill.
  • The BUCKPRO™ calculations take into account:
    • lumber values, grade yields, and processing costs;
    • typical lumber length trimbacks;
    • actual mill breakdown practices.

Bucking Operator Training

  • BUCKPRO™ can be used interactively, to recalculate instantly the value of alternative bucking solutions for sample long logs or stems. Through this exercise, bucking operators can improve their decision-making procedure, including learning when to over-ride the bucking policy to account for log form. The BUCKPRO™ operator training function features sophisticated graphics, including 3-dimensional images of the sample long logs or stems, and plots showing the mill breakdown of the resulting bucked logs.

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Bucking Policy Testing

  • BUCKPRO™ allows a proposed bucking policy to be tested against a sample of real-shape logs, before it is tried in the mill, to determine the effects on lumber recovery, value, and final lumber mix. Use of this off-line simulation function can help eliminate costly "trial and error" changes to the bucking rules in the mill.
  • The BUCKPRO™ system will be custom-configured for the mill, and will include preparation of an initial data set for the mill, system manuals, user training, and on-going technical support.

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