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WOODSIM™ Benefits

  • Compared to the log population reports produced from a typical cruise compilation program, using WOODSIM™ leads to a better understanding of how the total log supply breaks down into its components, and what log purchases and/or trades may be required to fill gaps in the supply.
  • WOODSIM™ allows rapid recalculation of the wood flows and log mixes when such things as weather, insect attack, or mill requirements, force changes to the harvest schedule.
  • WOODSIM™ can simulate the way log merchandising is actually done in practice, so that mills can receive accurate estimates of the log mixes that they can expect to receive. This enables them to manage their log-yard inventories more effectively. By simulating alternative stem- and log-bucking methods, the full value potential of the log supply can be realized.
  • Above all, with better information on the logs they can expect to receive, mills can plan their operations more effectively. With a controlled log supply, they can identify the bottlenecks, work to relieve them, and maximize production. With more assurance as to the nature of the logs that they will receive, mills can manufacture the products which are in most demand, make firm product delivery commitments with less inventory, and obtain premium prices.