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Sawmill Optimizer Review and Training

Mill Optimizer Setup Review, Equipment Performance Testing, and Personnel Training

Through years of mill modeling and acceptance testing experience, the HALCO staff has developed considerable expertise in optimizer setup and equipment performance testing. We now provide services to a number of clients as follows:

  • Mill Optimizer Setup Review. Good parameter setup is essential to achieve the expected results from your sophisticated mill optimization equipment. We provide an “outsider’s eyes” review of the setup parameters in all mill optimizers, looking for anything that might compromise performance.
  • Equipment Performance Testing. In addition to good parameter setup, we work with mill personnel to confirm that you’re getting out the back end of the machines what the optimizer projected.

In providing these services, we strive to educate the mill staff and provide spreadsheets which allow them to conduct ongoing testing on their own.

In addition to the above services, we are also available to provide training seminars to your mill-wide staff, such as our seminar titled “Recovery, Profit… and Optimizer Setup”. The benefits from engaging your broad staff in these subjects, and fostering discussion, can be very significant.


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