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The WOODSIM™ Log-Supply Simulation Program

WOODSIM™ is a comprehensive program that simulates log-supply operations, from standing trees or long logs, through to bucked logs ready for sawing, peeling, chipping, or other manufacturing operations.

  • Starting with cruise or log scale data, actual utilization parameters, specifications of the stem- and log-bucking methods to be used, and how logs are to be sorted, WOODSIM™ makes realistic predictions of the volumes in each log sort, and the details of the log mixes that will be produced.
  • The program includes a detailed model of the incidence of decay. Hence, decay-driven actions such as long-butting or sorting of peelers vs. sawlogs can be accurately modeled.
  • The program simulates the operations on each individual stem that is cruised, or log that is scaled. The results for each stem and log are accumulated and may be printed or displayed graphically for checking purposes.


Click here for an example which shows a set of reports produced by WOODSIM™ for a stand of timber.


WOODSIM™ may be run in either simulation or database generation mode.

  • In simulation mode the volumes drawn from each type of timber and timber supply, and the volume to be bucked by each bucking method in the woods and at the mills, must be specified in advance. The program calculates the volume and composition of each log sort and block sort, or combination of sorts, arriving at or processed in each mill. The results can be in the form of a data file for SAWSIM®, so that the lumber and veneer productions and equipment times can be calculated.
  • In database generation mode, WOODSIM™ calculates the log and block yields before and after bucking at the mill for each timber type and stem- and log-bucking method. These yields are written to a database for subsequent use by the WOODMAN™ or other programs.


Please click here to download a WOODSIM™ brochure