Simulation and optimization... from the forest to the finished product

Welcome to Halco software Systems ltd.

HALCO Software's business is computer simulation and off-line optimization of forest industry operations.  We have helped many clients to maximize profits through better capital investment and operating decisions.  We provide software that clients can run themselves, or consulting services that help them make use of our software, or both.

Production Planning Optimization

If you have a scan-and-set sawmill, and want to produce optimized production plans and mill optimizer parameters, click here for WSO™.

If you have a batch-run sawmill with log sorts, and need to optimize your production plans, click here for SAWSIM®-LP.

Capital project planning

If you're planning a capital project and want to determine the best equipment options and ROI, click here.

Timber/Log Evaluation & Business Model

If you want to evaluate the profitability of standing timber, click here or delivered logs, click here.

If you want to model your core business for the purpose of strategic decision making, click here.