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CTL-SIM™ Cut-To-Length Harvesting Simulation Program CTL-SIM™ is a comprehensive simulation program that allows accurate modeling of cut-to-length harvesting operations. By simulating accurately the cutting decisions of mechanical harvesters, improved harvest planning and equipment set-up decisions can be made. Different bucki...

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The LOGSIM™ Log-Making Simulation Program LOGSIM™ is a comprehensive log-making simulation program. Typically, the log products have grades which depend on log diameter and length, the extent of defects such as knots, scars, and on form characteristics such as sweep. LOGSIM™ Features Specific features of LOGSIM&tr...

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BUCKPRO™ Bucking Improvement System To help achieve the best performance many mills develop bucking rules for the cut-off saw operators. These rules are often in the form of a list, with the desired bucked lengths for different input lengths and diameters. Specification of these rules is a difficult exercise, as one tries to maximize va...

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The SETGEN™ Set-Table Pattern Generator System The SETGEN program is designed for applications where there is a primary breakdown scanning system with sets stored in a set-table. It allows sets to be easily updated when market prices, inventory levels, or the desired market focus changes, or easily modified to consider different produ...

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