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CTL-SIM™ Cut-To-Length Harvesting Simulation Program

  • CTL-SIM™ is a comprehensive simulation program that allows accurate modeling of cut-to-length harvesting operations.
  • By simulating accurately the cutting decisions of mechanical harvesters, improved harvest planning and equipment set-up decisions can be made.
  • Different bucking rules can be applied depending on stem quality, for example to consider production of veneer peelers from high-quality stems. If cruiser-called grades are included in timber cruise information, the stem quality can be referenced directly. In cases where cruise data includes only general quality indicators, fractional yields of different stem qualities can be assumed.
  • Values can be defined for different log sorts (diameter, length, and quality), which allows CTL-Sim to tally the total value produced for different log merchandising assumptions.
  • CTL-SIM™ starts with cruise data for a stand of timber and simulates the cutting of each cruised stem in turn.
  • Results for each stem may be printed and plotted for checking purposes, and totals and averages for the whole stand may be printed.
  • The following is an example of results for one stem:


Spreadsheet and Database File Formats

  • In addition to printed reports, CTL-SIM™ run results are available in file formats suitable for reading into spreadsheet and database programs. This allows the user to import the CTL-SIM™ results for further analysis, or to produce custom reports.

Alternative Harvester Types Supported

  • CTL-SIM™ can simulate the cutting-decisions of a number of different harvester types. If necessary, custom programming will be provided to modify the program to support the harvester types used in your operations.

CTL-SIM™ is Powerful, yet Easy-to-Use

  • CTL-SIM™ is menu-driven, with substantial on-line help screens available to the user.

Computer Requirements

  • Minimum computer requirements are an MS-Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP) PC, with at least 128 Mbytes of RAM. Also required on the system is MS-Office (as MS-Excel is used as a component of the data editing system).