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The LOGSIM™ Log-Making Simulation Program

  • LOGSIM™ is a comprehensive log-making simulation program. Typically, the log products have grades which depend on log diameter and length, the extent of defects such as knots, scars, and on form characteristics such as sweep.

LOGSIM™ Features

  • Specific features of LOGSIM™ include:
  • Specification of an unlimited number of log grades and lengths. Log grade specifications can include more than 20 different grade criteria, including diameter, length, knot size, sweep, and defects such as scars, draw wood, machine damage, etc.
  • Consideration of "real-shape" stem data, including sweep and ovality.
  • Calculation of actual log volumes, or alternative log scales such as the JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) rule.
  • "Specified bucking" to evaluate actual manual log-making solutions.
  • "Optimum bucking" to determine the highest-value solution.
  • Interactive program use, for log-maker training applications.

LOGSIM™ Printout Information

  • In addition to the 3-dimensional log plots, the LOGSIM™ printout for each stem is as follows:

  • "Totals and Averages" may be printed to show the total results for a sample of stems processed in a run. The sample may be "weighted" to represent a specific stand of timber. Included in the "Totals and Averages" printout is a summary of the processed stems and the total product value generated in the run. In addition, a tally of the mix of logs generated for each log grade is shown:

LOGSIM™ applications