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HALCO's Data Management & Reporting System

We believe strongly that to be used effectively, optimization applications must be "slick".  By this we mean that:

  • Data entry, including selection of data from external database sources, must be straightforward, and within a well-designed, robust database system
  • There must be as few manual steps as possible in the process, from specification of input data through to final report generation

HALCO's comprehensive and time-tested data management and reporting tools satisfy these requirements, and include the following in an integrated, seamless system:

  • HalcoProject™, our project and file management program
  • GetFromDB™, our general purpose database querying application
  • HalcoEdit™, our data editor which allows editing of a relational database within the friendly and powerful Excel environment; HalcoEdit includes many features to simplify data entry and checking within these data-intensive applications
  • HalcoMiner™, our report generation and data mining system; HalcoMiner™ is a powerful tool that can be used to browse and analyze system output and generate reports in MS Excel format.  Ready-to-use report templates are provided for each application, but templates can also be customized according to user needs or prepared by users from scratch.  In addition, HalcoMiner™ produces output in other common formats (e.g. mdb, csv) that can serve as input for other software.